To Whom It May Concern:

I Had An Idea:

To ask; “Did I have any idea?”

Does an idea matter?

Does an idea have matter?

Does an idea exist as ‘something?

Does an idea exist in the realm of ‘nothing’?

Is an idea a ‘something’ that is fully formed and in the atomic realm?

Is an idea closer in substance to the sub atomic quantum world?

Is an idea certain?

Is an idea uncertain?

How can you be certain of an idea when at the quantum level, below our atomic mass of which we feel so certain, two states exist simultaneously, certainty and uncertainty?

Can we be any more than possibly, probably certain about our idea?

Is it probable that an idea will become effective and affect something?

Is it only possible that an idea will become effective and affect something? 

Is an idea once articulated, the end of the idea as it was first formed? 

Does the idea, post-original articulation, become collaboration?

Is an idea always in a super position of neither, dead or alive, until the box in which it is placed, is opened?

Does the idea become one way or the other after it is observed? 

In that case what was the idea that first went into the box? 

Can it ever be bracketed and isolated as an entire fully realized ‘something’?

Is an idea amorphous?

Does the idea appear, disappear and reappear continuously in the way that positive and negative quarks instantly appear inside a vacuum of what should be nothingness?

Can you hold onto the idea?

Does it have a beginning and an end?

Is an idea finite?

Does an idea arrive in our minds, bracketed within a vast fuzzy field of infinite probability and improbability?

What makes it probable that an idea will exist?

What takes the idea from the amorphous vacuum in which it is generated and makes it effective and therefore affecting?

Does the idea pick up matter?

Does it materialize?

Does this happen after the idea was first formed?

Does the idea still exist within the brackets of its initial inception?

Has the idea leaked?

Has the idea been altered by contamination?

Can an observer in a world external to the originator of the idea, now open the box to observe the idea?

Does the idea have a material presence so that it can be placed into the box?

Is the idea now an object?

Does the idea have matter?

Does the idea now matter?

Did the idea have matter before it was placed into the box?

Was that matter the originators, own electrons and neurons and protons, particles and sub atomic particles…?

If it took matter to cognate the idea, then is the idea made of matter?

Does the idea have its own matter?

Is an idea particulate?

Can the senses of the observer disseminate the particulation of the idea, without the originator expanding the size of the particles and therefore altering the idea from inside its original finite bracketed state?

Can the idea be a fractal?

Can the expansion of the particulate be a precise repetition of its shape and therefore retain the integrity of the idea at every scale?

Does the original idea need to be enlarged into a form that can be observed?

Does the idea need matter?

Does that matter need to be altered?

Does the idea exist?

Does the idea need an external form to show that it exists?

What is the matter the observer takes from the box?

Is it still an idea?

Or is it an object of an idea?

If the material matter of an object exists infinitely in itself but finitely within the containment of the universe, does an idea exist if it is immaterial?

Do we have any idea, of whether an idea exists?

Is an idea immaterial?

Is an object immortal?

Can I be certain of your idea?

Can I believe your idea with certainty?

Can I buy one?

If I bought your idea, did I buy the idea or a physical manifestation of your idea?

Is the idea’s matter transmogrified into the ink particles?

Has the material substance changed the idea?

Does the idea still exist?

Or is it an object that exists?

I’m not certain.

Can I possibly buy one?

Oh well it was only an idea.

Delia Woodham