To Whom It May Concern:

I Had An Idea:

To paint a sublime abstract painting.

I envisage a square stretched canvas 1m x 1m.

I would layer it with 7 coats of gesso, each one sanded before the next coat.

The surface would be very smooth in appearance, and in feel.

I would then brush on indigo oil paint, layering the paint thinned with medium, until the surface was perfectly and deeply covered. This will take many weeks. 

I would use a fine bristled finishing brush on each layer to minimize and disguise from view, any visible brush marks. 

It would be as if I had never been there.

Finally when it was nearly dry, I would hand burnish it with my palm to further remove any trace of the maker.
Then I would imagine it to be ready.

Within the painting, the atomized matter of its objective existence would, possibly, for the observer taking a moment to contemplate its surface, contain the sublimity of an idea. 

You could by a stretch of the imagination say that it contains within the atomized blue materiality of its surface, its own sequence of infinite numbers.

The finite appearance of the shallow depth within the layers of paint, and the breadth, of the blue paint across the face of the canvas both belie the truth of the layers and layers of fractal shapes that replicate infinitely within the substance of the painting.

At its edges and within its shallow core, the particles in the space endlessly divide into the numbers that lie between the finite numbers we use to count the layers.

The work if I made it, would have a simple title such as
‘A Painting’.

Oh well it was only an idea.