To Whom It May Concern II

I Had An Idea:

To attempt to make a painting that could be transmogrified into a conceptual artwork.

I envisage a square stretched canvas 1m x 1m.

I would prepare its surface with 7 layers of gesso, sanding between each layer.

I would then apply some good oil paint in indigo blue.
At this stage it may well look very similar to my ‘abstract’ painting but I would intend for you to think about it differently. 

I would then take it out from my studio to a tree lined, well populated park, and would loop a rope around its square neck and hang it from one of the trees.

There it could remain until it was ‘found’ and removed by a trolley or taxi or bus or bike or by foot or by dump-truck, to another location, that had nothing to do with the making or hanging, of art.

This may have been one of my more successful works, but I discovered I had used mineral oil paint, which wasn’t what I thought I originally had.

Oh well it was only an idea.