2015 National Contemporary Art Award

What a great night down in Hamilton at the awards.

Here's a view of my work, 'I Found these Damn Words'.....

A great show all round!

I Found These Damn Words.

The truth of the matter
Is never black and white.
Muttered shades of oxygen
Lie suspended
In particles of light.

This relic dropped
From under a clouded sky
Into a silvered landscape
Wherein my darkened
Imagination lies.

A promissory note
Scrawled in sacrosanct
Black and white
Written by person
Or persons unknown
And trespassed against
In the deep dark of the night.

These damn words
Once lost, now found
Corner a future
In words writ profound.

“A sign of the things to come,
Coming soon.”
A prayer for lovers
Of the after-die.
The hopeful
Earthbound howlers
Bellowing at a satellite moon.